Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Skates

Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Skates

  • Rollerblade Maxxum Edge 125 3WD Inline Skates. Maxxum-ize your experience. The Maxxum has the lateral support of an urban skate, the comfort of a recreational skate and the speed and performance of a cross-trainer. A favorite of the Skate to Ski program, it can be skated leisurely, be used for city skating and/or for intense training.

    Molded plastic shells merge support and durability, with the high speeds of Hydrogen 125mm wheels. Premium Liners with Active Airflow footbeds and shock absorbers. Expect a snug-fit that will break-in around foot for a precise and responsive ride (runs small - recommended you order 1/2 size larger than shoe).

    Extruded Aluminum Frames ; 125mm 85A Wheels ; TwinCam ILQ9 Brake in Box



    Vented Molded Shell

    Flexible Lightweight Cuffs

    165mm Mount Spacing, All Sizes

    WHEELS Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Twincam ILQ 9 Plus

    Extruded Aluminum Frames (Removable)


    150, 165, 180, or 195mm Mount Spacing

    Max Wheel Size: 125mm

    Laterally Adjustable



    Rollerblade Premium Performance Liners


    Acttive AirFlow RemovableFootbeds

    V-Cut for Increased Flex and Range of Motion

    Shock Absorbing Heel


    Micro Adjustable Buckle on Cuff

    45 Degree Micro-Ratchet Adjustable Buckle

    Standard Lacing (Extra Laces in Box)

  • Model Cut: Normal - Suitable for all Feet

    Fitting for COMFORT: Buy 1 Size Up

    Fitting for PERFORMANCE: Buy 1/2 Size Up

    How it's supposed to feel when you first wear it: Wrapping with slight discomfort. It will soften and expand after 6-8 hours. Toes must be touching or reaching the end.

    How it's not supposed to feel when you first wear it: Toes curling up or toes able to move around freely. Heel must not lift in the skates after tightening.

    Shell : Every Full Size has a unique shell. Half Sizes Share the same Shell E.g. A size 8 shares the same shell as a size 8.5

      Liner: Every full size has a unique liner. E.g. A size 8 shares the same shell as a size 8.5

    Insoles : Thinner Insoles are used between full sizes to create "half a size more space." e.g. A size 8 becomes a size 8.5 with a thinner insole.

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