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Rollerblade NJ5 New Jack Aggressive Skates

        • The Rollerblade NJ5 New Jack 5 Aggressive Skates are the newest NJ model which has been one of the most popular aggressive skate setups due to it's great price, hybrid soft/hard boot, and high-quality Blank™ frames. The boot has a hard shell interior with a soft boot top and wrap, providing unsurpassed comfort without sacrificing durability or support. The Specialized Street liner has a soft, polyurethane shock absorber to reduce vibrations on the rougher streets and help decrease landing pains from those intense drops. The versatile Blank™ frames can support up to 60mm wheels on the outside slots, and features a Super-Lock pre-grooved HBlock area, making those grind even easier to lock and execute.

          Skates come complete with the mentioned Blank frames, 60mm 90A outer wheels, 42mm antirocker wheels and SG7 bearings. Max wheel size 58mm if changing to ride flat.


        • UPPER/SHELL TRS Shell
          WHEELS Rollerblade 2 x 60mm/90A Wheels - Outside Rollerblade 2 x 42mm Anti-Rockers - Inside
          BEARINGS Rollerblade SG7 Sealed Inline Skate Bearings

          New Blank™ UFS Frames
          Triangle Head Axles

          LINER Specialized Footbed
          Specialized 5 Star Fit Liners

          Powerstrap Cuff Strap with Locking Buckle45°Velcro Powerstrap Buckle
          Standard laces