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Rollerblade Swindler Aggresive Inline Skates

        • Contrary to it's name, the Rollerblade Swindler Aggressive Inline Skates are not a deception and will not make you feel like you've been robbed. Unlike a Ponzi scheme, these skates are true to image; a durable entry level skate at a great value. Tough and comfortable with performance specs and a value price, Rollerblade produced this skate with a shell similar to the tried-and-true M12 design we all know and love. Add TRS anti-rockered frame to the mix, and this skate enables you to get nasty on the ledges and rails right out of the box.

          Equipped with 60mm wheels, socketed with SG5 bearings in an anti-rocker setup.


        • UPPER/SHELL Swindler Shell
          WHEELS Rollerblade 2 x 60mm/90A Wheels - Outside Rollerblade 2 x 42mm Anti-Rockers - Inside
          BEARINGS Rollerblade SG5 Sealed Inline Skate Bearings

          Rollerblade TRS UFS Street Frames
          Triangle Head Axles

          LINER Shock Absorber heel insert
          Specialized Street Fit Liners and Footbeds

          Powerstrap Cuff Strap with Locking Buckle45° Buckle
          Standard laces