Rollerblade Tempest 100C Women Skates

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Rollerblade Tempest 100C Women Skates

Rollerblade Tempest 100C Women Skates

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  • The Rollerblade Tempest 100C Inline Skates are among the highest performing women's skates in Rollerblade's lineup. Has a low profile cuff for increased range in motion, but still offers support and stability. This is the last step if progressing toward a true speed boot. New is a carbon base and a flat 4x100mm setup from previous Tempest 100. The carbon fiber combined with a snug fit, increase energy transmission from the boot to the wheels. Intended for serious road warriors that aren't afraid to log some miles. In addition to the great improvements, this skate features asymmetrical lacing with waxed laces, ratchet top ankle buckle, and a velcro midstrap to reduce heel lift and ensure maximum stride potential. Outfitted with the Rollerblade high performance Hydrogen wheels and SG9 bearings. Anticipate quick acceleration and fast speeds!

    • NEW Carbon Fiber Base
    • Anatomical Shell
    • Rollerblade Hydrogen 4x100mm, 85A Wheels
    • Rollerblade SG9 Bearings
    FRAME Rollerblade Extruded Aluminum Frames
    • Precision 5 Star Fit Liners

    Cuff Buckle
    45° Strap
    Performance Asymmetrical Lacing

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