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Rollerblade Tempest 110C Men

  • $87900
  • Save $220

  • The Rollerblade Tempest 110C Inline Fitness Skates are designed to get you to the front of the pack! As with the 100C, the new Tempest 110C is equipped with a new carbon fiber base. Also differing from previous year models, the 110C comes with a flat 4x110mm wheel configuration. Low profile cuffs are still high enough to offer support and stability in the ankles where high end speed boots do not. The 110C has a second ratchet buckle over the forefoot where the 100C uses velcro. This for a more precise fit to ultimately transmit more energy to the wheels. Designed to fit snug for this same reason.

  • UPPER/SHELL New Carbon fiber,
    WHEELS Rollerblade Hydrogen 4x110mm/85A (Made in the USA)

    Extruded Alu 4x110, 13.3”,
    Racing axles
    Laterally adjustable

    LINER Precision 5 Star Fit

    Microadjustable cuff buckle
    45° strap
    Performance Asymmetrical lacing