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Rollerblade Tempest 90C Men - Inlinex

Rollerblade Tempest 90C Men

  • $69900
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    • The Rollerblade Tempest 90C Inline Skates provide a way for men to experience the highest performance features Rollerblade has to offer in a boot, in a 4x90mm option. The Tempest 90C utilizes the same boots found on the 100C (100% carbon fiber base for response and speed potential), but at 90mm benefit from increased control and maneuverability. Intermediate and advanced skaters will enjoy the Tempest 90C for its versatilty and speed. Fame length is great for everyday trail skating, or just around the city. Feature asymmetrical waxed laces, ratchet cuff buckle, velcro midstrap to reduce heel lift and high quality Rollerblade Supreme wheels with SG9 bearings.

    • UPPER/SHELL New Carbon fiber,
      WHEELS Rollerblade Supreme 4x90mm/85A

      Extruded Alu 4x90, 11.0” (280mm)
      Laterally adjustable

      LINER Precision 5 Star Fit

      Microadjustable cuff buckle
      45° strap
      Performance Asymmetrical lacing