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Rollerblade Twister 231 - Inlinex

Rollerblade Twister 231

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    • The Rollerblade Twister 231 is a versatile and manoeuvrable moulded skate perfect for freestyle, urban and slalom use. The Hot Rod 231 low frame and urban profile wheels are designed for controlled manoeuvrability. With a professional moulded boot and a 5 star fit liner the 231 by Rollerblade offers great control for performance yet enough comfort to skate in several hour sessions. The vented and moulded shell optimizes stability and torsion resistance which offers minimized weight and maximum breathability. The Rollerblade Twister 231 is an urban skate ready for whatever rolls your way or whichever way you roll.

    • UPPER/SHELL Twister, Vented Molded
      Lateral Slider
      WHEELS Rollerblade Supreme 4x76mm/85A

      Hot Rod Extruded Alu 4x76, 231mm
      Racing axles
      Laterally adjustable


      Specialized 5 Star Fit
      Specialized footbed
      Shock Absorber


      Cuff Locking Buckle
      45° Buckle
      Standard laces