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Scooter Peg

Scooter Peg

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Store your Favorite scooters on the wall and off the floor. Made from light polypropylene for sturdiness both indoors and out, scooterpeg will keep your hallway tidy. Comes supplied with fixings for brick/masonry walls (2 x screws, 2 x rawl plugs, 2 x m6 washer)

Where can I install my Scooterpeg? Inside or outside, anywhere with a flat enough surface, and room for the scooter to hang. It comes supplied with high quality fixings for brick/masonry walls, but if you have plasterboard walls, or original lathe and plaster walls you will need to use a different kind of fixing. We wanted to have options but it got too complicated! Take the peg into your local hardware or DIY store and ask them to recommend a suitable product.

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