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SEBA FR1 310

  • The Seba FR1 310 3x110 Inline Skates are ready to roll into the future with a 3x110mm wheel setup that will not only make skating more fun, but even easier as well. Featuring the incredibly popular FR1 boot, and combined with the new 3x wheel setup, expect this skate to provide exhilarating skating experience unlike any skate before it. Being the main stay of the Seba's lineup and a popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters, the FR1 have been upgraded for 2016 with a new, better fitting liner. Combined with the close fitting shell design, the FR1 is highly responsive and is a great choice for the 3-wheel frame setup. The shell has a wider opening to allow a large range of motion without sacrificing support and works well for skating cones, through traffic or maneuvering the streets.

    High quality Seba Speed 85A Wheels, smooth spinning Seba MW9 Titalium bearings and replaceable abrasion pads.


  • UPPER/SHELL Rigid Molded Plastic Boots
    Aluminum Base Plates
    WHEELS Seba Speed 110mm 85A Wheels
    BEARINGS Seba MW9 Titalium Bearings

    Seba 310 Black Frames 250mm
    8mm Speed Axles

    LINER Wide Toebox & Thick Liners for Comfort
    Drylex Memory Foam Liner
    Seba Premium Insole

    Adjustable Cuff Bolts (4 Positions)
    45° Buckle
    Standard laces