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Sector 9 Dropper 41"

  • Comes with 10.0" Gullwing Charger Trucks, 70mm 80a Butterball Wheels, Abec 5 PDP Bearings, Bearing Spacers, 1.125" Flush Mount Steel Bolts and ERG Grip Tape. Great for free riding.

  • TRUCKS 7.0" Gullwing Mission Trucks
    WHEELS 70mm 80a Butterball Wheels
    BEARINGS Abec 5 PDP Bearings
    DECK CONSTRUCTION 9 Ply Cold Pressed Maple; 0.625" Drop Rocker; Shocker Mold; Drop Through Mount
    SIZE (length x width) 41.0" x 9.625" x 29.0"