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Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai 42" Longboard

  • $ 369.00 SGD
  • Save $ 120.00 SGD

  • At 42” in length, the Bonsai is the second longest board in the entire Sector 9 lineup, this season, after the 25 Year OG Pin. Drawing on our traditional heritage of pintails, this skateboard doesn’t care if you’re 6 years old or 60 – either way it’s going to show you a good time and keep you wanting to come back for more. Hopefully, it can transport you to the right-hand point artist Erik Abel has put on the bottom!


    3 Ply Bamboo

    2 Ply Maple

    Hybrid Construction

    Classic pintail shape


  • TRUCKS 10.0" Gullwing Charger
    WHEELS 70MM 78A Top Shelf
    BEARINGS Abec 5 grease ball
    HARDWARE 1.25” Hardened Steel Bolts
    RISER Recycled Plastic Shock Pads
    DECK CONSTRUCTION 3 Ply Bamboo;2 Ply Maple;Hybrid Construction;Cut for reverse kingpin trucks
    SIZE (length x width) 42.0" x 9.3" x 28.75"
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