T&T Vertical Scooter Stand

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T&T Vertical Scooter Stand

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  • Save precious space in your home or garage with this vertical docking stand for electric scooters. Simply roll your scooter onto the track, strap up the steering column with the quick-release buckle and you are done! The unique wide-based structure and twin horizontal cross bars docks your e-scooter securely.

    Fits most models of deck-folding e-scooters of up to 16kg in weight. Designed and made entirely in Singapore by a metal workshop with over 20 years in custom metal fabrication. This product is confidently covered with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.


    73cm x 38cm x 38cm

    WEIGHT 5 kg
    MATERIAL Powder Coated Steel

    Fast and easy docking with quick-release buckle strap. Hand-wrapped synthetic rubber cushions protect your scooter from scratches.

    electric scooter stand buckle strap made in singapore

    Made of durable welded solid steel and mild steel protected by a layer of rust and scratch resistant powder-coated paint.

    electric scooter stand welded solid steel

    Stabilising track with adjustable wheel positioning chokes allows you to dock multiple models of e-scooters.

    electric scooter stand has adjustable wheel position chokes

    Wide solid base with rubberised edges protect your floor from scratches

    electric scooter stand rubberised edges

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