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Undercover Czaplas Team TV 84mm Wheels

Undercover Czaplas Team TV 84mm Wheels

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Undercover TV Czapla Team wheels are most likely the first pro-wheels for freestyle slalom skaters, ever. The honor goes to three Czapla sisters: Ewelina, Paulina, Justyna, who you may know under nicknames: Efka, Boska and Jupa. One may ask: why have they received a pro-model as a group, though? Surely it would make more sense to give them a wheel each, wouldn’t it? The answer is simple – trio of sisters from province Podkarpacie has placed it’s mark on Polish freestyle slalom scene like no one else did. The hours they put together into trainings, competing, running workshops, guiding new talents, promoting the sport, growing the Powerslide brand locally, contributing to new gear development, go into tens of thousands. Their positive attitudes and energy won sympathy of fans not only in Poland, but all over the globe. Are there Polish freestyle slalom skaters who placed higher, achieved more in terms of medals and wins? Yes, there are. But superstars are only three. These three!

About the wheels themselves – they are made out of top-grade 86A hardness Super High Rebound (SHR) polyurethane. This hardness is a good news for people who perform a lot of demanding, wheeling tricks. The wheels roll better than softer ones when weight of whole body is put on them. The bullet profile gives them a razor-sharp precision feel, great roll and of course, speed. The size is 84 mm and not without a reason – this is the favourite diameter of majority of freestyle skaters who use tri-skating frames. Of course, these wheels, just like other models with similar specs, can be used for freeride and slides as well. Makes sense, seeing that Czapla sisters know more than a thing or two about these areas of skating, too. If you are wondering if these are worth buying, do not wonder – buy them. You’ll get yourself excellent wheels, representing not only Czapla team, but also an important chunk of European freestyle slalom scene’s history. By choosing these wheels, you support some of the most influential and talented Eastern European skaters. You may have an itch to get them and place them in display cabinet, but remember: urethane is meant to be left on concrete!

Price is for 4 Wheels

Size: 84mm 

Type: Urban ; Freestyle/Slalom

Core: Spoked Mechanical Lock ; Standard 608 Hub

Profile: Bullet

Hardness: 86A

Made in USA

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