UnderCover Biggie Line Wheels

UnderCover Biggie Line Wheels

UnderCover by Matter Biggie Line Wheels are great quality wheels with a high hardness designed for the fast and agile needs of urban city skating. The are a good option for cross-training or fitness skaters that want a hard wheel as well. The 'full radius' profile balances grip and speed to provide long lasting durability and quality. These wheels use a proprietary urethane formula that is similar to the urethane used by Matter wheels, and is made to provide an almost perfect balance of speed and capability. All UnderCover wheels are poured in Huntington Beach, California USA. Get UnderCover and put color under your feet!

Size: 90mm - 125mm

Type: Urban

Hardness: 86A - 88A

Wheels sold in pack of 4

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