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UnderCover Richie Eisler TV Line 59mm Wheels

UnderCover Richie Eisler TV Line 59mm Wheels

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Roadrunning on rocket-boots! Zoomin - See ya! I like to go fast, so riding a flat setup is best. The 59mm bullet shape reduces sticking on grinds, making them perfect for a flat setup on Aeons. Riding the pointy profile feels similar to carving around on sharp hockey skates, taking me back to where it all started for me. And, of course, the urethane is still the fastest and best out there. Buying my wheels = Supporting my skating, so thanks for that! - Richie Eisler

It’s showtime with the new UC Pro - TV Line wheels. Get extra agility bonus points with these 59mm wheels featuring the Bullet profile 90A hardness.

Price is for a 4-Pack of Wheels

Size: 59mm

Type: Aggressive

Hardness: 90A

Hub: 608 Platform Core

Profile: Bullet

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