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USD Aeon 80 Aggressive Skates

USD Aeon 80 Aggressive Skates

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With the speed of 4x80mm wheels combined with one of the most innovative and capable aggressive skates in recent history, it’s the USD AEON 80 Team. An instant classic, you’re going to love hitting the park and hitting the streets in this versatile aggressive skate that provides unmatched speed and performance. The unibody design of the USD AEON 80 Team brings the skate low to the ground even while riding 80mm wheels. By combining the boot, frame, and soul plate into a single piece, the USD AEON 80 Team needs fewer parts, reducing weight while giving you a solid base and excellent power transfer. The skate comes with a strong, supportive cuff two-way ‘rocker able' cuff that wraps around your foot for maximum sideways support on grinds and carves while still providing good frontal flex for efficient strides. Skate all day long in the comfortable MYFIT Skinny Boy Dual-Fit Liner that gives you good cushioning on landings. Complete with fast 4x80mm UNDERCOVER Raw wheels and WICKED ABEC 9 bearings, there’s a lot to like about the AEON 80 Team. The ideal mix of an aggressive and urban skate, USD AEON 80 Team gives you all the speed and tools you need to get bigger air, land bigger gaps, grind further, slide longer, and redefine what’s possible on inline skates.




USD Aeon Hard Shell Boots

Unibody Construction - One-Piece Shell, Soul Plate, and Frames

V-Cut cuff for increase mobility

Low cut gives more lateral support and forward flex

Front and rear flex cut


Undercover Raw 80mm 85A Wheels

BEARINGS Wicked ABEC 9 Bearings

Unibody Construction - Shell and Frames are One Piece

No Frame Mounting Hardware Reduces Weight

Lower Center of Gravity

Less Parts - Less Hassle


MYFIT 2nd Skin dual fit liner

Removable & Heat Moldable

Dual Fit

Neoprene and Microfiber Lining

Improved Tongue Construction

Increased Padding and Height

Remvable Footbeds

Aeon Shock Absorber Come in Box

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