USD Aeon Croft II Aggressive Skates

USD Aeon Croft II Aggressive Skates

  • USD Aeon Sam Crofts Pro 60 “"For my latest pro skate from USD I've chosen another Aeon 60. The Aeon skate series is a project that I've been involved with since the start and is a product I've come to identify myself with, making it an obvious choice again for my new pro model. This time I worked with the design team to create a skinned version to soften the overall look of the skate and give it a more classic sneaker aesthetic. We also developed a new taller height-adjustable cuff to give you a slight increase in flex for topsides but also offers more support and allow for more comfortable and longer skating sessions. I removed the 45-degree strap as I think waxed laced alone provides a sufficient heel lock. The skate comes with 61mm USD Team wheels, Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, and lastly to complete the skate I chose my favorite liner, the MyFit 2nd skin. I added some personal details to the liner to represent London, the city I call home."” Text by Sam Crofts

    Unibody construction, lightweight, perfectly balanced and low to the ground; soulplate and body made out of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK.

    Perfect flat setup with perfect balance of space, Groove shape and material



    glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK

    Unibody Construction - One-Piece Shell, Soul Plate, and Frames

    New Rocker Cuff

    First Full Skin Aeon 


    USD Ultra High Rebound 61mm 90A

    BEARINGS Wicked ABEC 9 Bearings

    Unibody Frame/Shell allows the wheels to recess further into the boot, allowing larger size wheels to skate at a low deck height. This allows for better control, stabilitiy and balance.

    Lighter Weight

    Higher Durability

    Less Parts, Tools, and Hassle


    MYFIT Skinny Boy dual fit liner

    Neoprene and Microfiber Lining

    Anatomical Ankle

    Great Heel Lock

    Thin & Stretchable Front

    Extra Thick and Comfortable Shock Padding

    Extremely Strong Laces to the Top

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