USD Carbon Free Eugen Enin Boot Only
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USD Carbon Free Eugen Enin Boot Only

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    The USD Carbon Free Eugen Enin Boots are the first aggressive boot to feature the Powerknit uppers which adds comfort. The shell is based on the Carbon boot structure and is compatible with all Carbon replacement parts for full customization possibilities. The one-piece boot design is a fiberglass/nylon composite construction that fits as close to the foot as possible, improving power transfer and response. A soft tongue, low arch flex bands, and a double velcro strap closure system enables better flex and reduces lace bite. Laces are round and thick to ensure they stay tight and durable.

  • Construction

    USD Eugen Enin Pro Carbon Free Softboot Boots

    Uses Powerslide PowerKnit Uppers

    Provides more comfort and breathability

    Large open top cut reduces lace bite

    USD Carbon Cut, Fit, Last, and Padding - Not Made of Carbon

    V-Cut cuff for increase mobility

    Low cut gives more lateral support and forward flex

    Front and rear flex cut

    Low Arch Flex Bands

    Velcro Upper and Mid Straps for improved durability

    Leather Highlights


    One-Piece Boot

    Neoprene and Microfiber lining for optimum control, last and comfort

    Improved tongue construction

    Increased padding and extended length

    Grind Parts

    Durable and lightweight flat soul system ideal for ledge tricks, switch-ups and cess slides

    USD Carbon Soulplates

    USD Carbon2 Cuff


    1.267 kg

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