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Wicked Ceramic Record Bearings

Wicked Ceramic Record Bearings

WCD presents his brand new bearing designed to be the fastest one from the range. We developed with our partner a bearing to answering the following points: low friction, high durability, and low weight. Record 5 balls tech is the selection of the world’s best ceramic material that’s able to resist a 5 balls system. It follows the iconic Powerslide Cronitec technology and the quality of the ceramic balls we selected determines the performance and lifetime of this bearing. Defined by its 5 balls, this technology allows us to bring you one of the fastest bearings on the market. Providing bigger balls that take more load and roll faster with less friction or resistance. Race-proven by Felix Rijhnen in his one-hour world record, this 5 balls ceramic beauty is build to make a record.

  • Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel
  • Lubricant: High temp oil
  • 5 Balls
  • 16-pack (Both sides of inline skate)

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