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Wicked Felix Rijhnen Bearings

Wicked Felix Rijhnen Bearings

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Felix Rijhnen, two times worldchampion, presents the Wicked FR 8 balls Titanium bearing, designed to meet the highest standards of low friction, high durability, and low weight. This ultra-fast bearing boasts a cutting-edge 8 balls Tech design, crafted from the best quality steel material and treated with titanium for optimal performance and maximum durability. Inspired by Felix's victory in the Berlin Marathon 2019, this bearing is engineered to help all skaters reach new levels of speed and agility, whether you're racing in a marathon or simply seeking to improve your skating skills. By purchasing this unique product, you're not only investing in a top-tier inline skate bearing but also supporting one of the sport's most accomplished and well liked athletes.

Price is for 16 Bearings

Material: High quality Titanium

Number of Balls: 8 Balls

Weight: 10.5g

Bearing Lubrication: High temp oil

Size: 608 (8mm)

Serviceable: Yes


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