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Wicked ILQ 9 Pro Bearings

Wicked ILQ 9 Pro Bearings

The Wicked Twincam ILQ9 Pro bearings are highly regarded amongst elite athletes in all roller sports. Twincam is a famous name in the bearing industry and the ILQ9 Pro is the top end of the product line. This bearing is also a favorite training bearing for our inline speed skating team. By having the inside of the bearing open, it allows for easier care and cleaning. BE WICKED. Cage: Nylon with teflon bearing cage Special feature: 608 bearings

  • Bearings: 6 Ball bearing made from chrome steel
  • Shields: Bearing shield made from rubber RZ. SCRS
  • Oil: The bearings are lubricated with TK-Gel made in the USA
  • 8-pack (1 side of inline skate)
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