Riding your inline skates on Lightning

Well, not exactly lightning — but the closest you can get to it without being fried to a crisp. How, you ask? Simply kit out your skates with these snazzy PG Lightning of Life skate wheels, freshly landed in store!

Here they are in their regular form, pretty decent design, but not particularly eye-catching... yet. Wait for it…

Like whoa. Would you look at that. (See our video to admire it in motion.)

The most mesmerising combo of colours morph into a super cool, glow-in-the-dark hue, when spun at skating speed. Still slightly visible in normal light, these really come alive in the dark, and will add some pizzazz to your night-time skate sesh.

We carry the 3 standard sizes: 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm, suitable for most of you skaters out there.

Rave on!

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