Riding your inline skates on Lightning

Well, not exactly lightning ‚ÄĒ but the closest you can get to it without being fried¬†to a crisp. How, you ask? Simply¬†kit out¬†your skates with¬†these snazzy PG Lightning of Life¬†skate wheels, freshly landed¬†in store!

Here they are in their regular form, pretty decent design, but not particularly eye-catching... yet. Wait for it…

Like whoa. Would you look at that. (See our video to admire it in motion.)

The most mesmerising combo of colours morph into a super cool, glow-in-the-dark hue, when spun at skating speed. Still slightly visible in normal light, these really come alive in the dark, and will add some pizzazz to your night-time skate sesh.

We carry the 3 standard sizes: 72mm, 76mm, and 80mm, suitable for most of you skaters out there.

Rave on!

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