Top Selling Kick Scooters for Children

We have been receiving questions on a daily basis what scooters are great for kids of all ages. To make it easier for all, here is the list of best selling scooters in our stores for the different children age group.

Scooters for Infant / Baby (0-1 yrs old)

1. Micro Mini Kick 3 Deluxe

    The Micro Mini Kick 3 Deluxe is a Scooter that allows your child to seat and "walk the scooter".

    Parents love this because once the child grows, you can remove the seat and it becomes a 3 wheel kick scooter. It does not stop there, when the child grows taller, you can mount the adjustable T bar and it become a Micro Mini Deluxe Kids Scooter. In 2018, Micro added into the line of scooter the Micro Mini Deluxe Plus Kids Scooter for parents to help their babies to steer and balance better.


    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat and 35kg for standing.

    2. Micro Mini 2go Deluxe

    The Micro Mini 2go Deluxe has one of the widest seat among the other seated scooters. It also boast a mini storage space for toys and water bottles. The storage and seat can be removed and be transformed into a Micro Mini Deluxe Kids ScooterMicro added into the line of scooter the Micro Mini 2go Deluxe Plus Kids Scooter for parents to help their babies to steer and balance better.

    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat and 35kg for standing.

    3. Micro Trike

    The Micro Trike Makes tiresome pushing of the kiddes buggy along the aisles a thing of the past, because this shopping companion is foldable - making it extremely compact. Micro Trike is adaptable and can be simply hung on the shopping trolley or packed away in a rucksack. And not only mummy and daddy are delighted by the new shopping assistant – the kids will also enjoy the fun of a ride through the shops of the city.

    Weight Limit: 20kg for seat 

    Scooters for Toddler

    1. Micro Mini Deluxe

    The Micro Mini Deluxe is the household brand for kids scooter. It is the best seller because parents trust the brand and rightly so. It has the most balanced dimensions for stability and maneuverability. The colours are great too. Toddlers love them. It also helps them with their motor skills and develop their balancing whilst having fun. You can also change the handle grips when they wear off. 

     Weight: 35kg

    2. Zycom Zing 

    The Zycom Zing is the most value of money scooter in the market. It beats hyper market brand scooters in price and quality. It has great colours and lighted wheels. It comes with a long steering link and a slanted wheel set up to give more balance and stability.


     Weight: 30kg max rider weight




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