Warranty Claims

No matter how good our products are, there will definitely be some that will slip through the crack during the manufacturing process. In the rare case that you are the one, we have you covered. Please visit here to see most common issues that are not claimable under warranty. If your issue is not stated, please fill in this form and we will get back to you soonest. 

What We Cover

  • One to one exchange if manufacture defect found on unused product 
  • Free parts replacement if manufacture defect discovered after using product
  • Manufacture defects are unintended deformities of the product due to production faults. Any type of manufacture defect will be immediately covered under our Warranty Policy without any question. 
  • However, we may need some time to determine if the defect is due to manufacturing or other reasons.
  • There may be instances where we need to check with the brand manufacturer for further instructions.
  • Warranty claims are easiest to handle when the product is unused. So be sure to check thoroughly before using it outdoors.
What is Not Covered
  • Please visit here to see most common issues that are not claimable.
  • Product is determined to be damaged due to wear and tear or negligence
  • Continued use of product even after discovering the defect
  • Extremely small and inconspicuous scratch or marking caused by product handling processes like packing and shipping
  • Scratches and markings that will not affect the intended function of the product 
  • Product is within the manufacturing tolerance to function for it's intended use
  • Failure of Functions that were not marketed on the product
  • Failure of Functions outside of its intended use
  • Products that are not purchased from Inlinex.
  • Products that has expired warranty
  • Damages caused by Mishap or Accidents while using the Product
How to Claim Warranty
  • Always keep the receipt or order confirmation with you. Should you lose it, simply WhatsApp us (bottom left) and provide us your name and contact number to retrieve it. We will always keep the sale record for at least 2 years.
  • FIll up the Warranty Claim Form
  • We will resolve the issue as quickly as possible
Handling Disputes
Here comes the tricky part. In the event that your product is deemed not covered and you think we are wrong, just drop us a WhatsApp (button at bottom left). We assure you that we will work together to resolve the issue amiably. We have so far achieved close to 100% of acceptable service recovery. So don't worry!


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