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Longboards unlike cruiserboards come in comes in various deck shape and it is usually 33" and above in length. It is great for cruising around the city and parks and it is easy to control, especially for beginners. The long deck gives users more stability. Pro skaters like them because it can hit top speed due to the large wheels that usually comes with the set-up. Longboards are great for uneven terrain too with minimal vibrations. These are the 3 types of longboards:

  1. Pintail: The pintail shape prevents the wheel from touching the board ("wheelbite") whilst still providing plenty of foot space. They allow for deep carving turns and are also good cruising.
  2. Twin Tip: The nose and tail are almost exactly symmetrical. Design avoids wheel bite. Drop through decks are mostly on this style of longboard to give traction and grip on speedy downhills. Great for deep carves.
  3. Cruiser Longboard: Cruisers have a "kick-tail" on the back. The trucks are higher and the wheels are larger and softer than a standard. The bushings are much more flexible, giving the rider the ability to turn and manoeuvre easily.


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