Understand Inline Skate Frame

Understand Inline Skate Frame

Skate Frame

Skate Frame

Most common are plastic frames, aluminium frames and extruded aluminium frames. Lets now decide which frame is best for you.

Aluminium Frame

  • More rigid. Allowing better power transfer from boot to wheels.
  • More durable. Metal will not bend as much under pressure and weight

Extruded Aluminium Frame

  • Extruded Frame is a reinforced one piece frame increasing rigidness for an even more powerful skate experience
  • Highly customizable

Plastic Frame

  • Lightweight
  • Plastic bends more, thus under weight, it keeps the user lower to the ground
  • Easier to control since the power transfer is lower

Below is a generic chart to help you decide base on the user's characteristics:

 Plastic Extruded Aluminium Aluminium
  • Beginners
  • Kids
  • Below 70kg
  • Low usage
  • Skaters who want the best
  • High speed skating
  • Urban Skating
  • Above 75kg
  • Fitness skating
  • Regular usage
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