Common Issues on new Inline Skates

All the wheels do not spin freely or at the same speed.

Factors that could cause this problem:

  • There is a tolerance difference in the size of the wheels. Even a 1/10 of a decimal in size can cause the wheels to rub slightly against the corners or the top of the skate.
  • More grease on the bearings. Grease are slightly sticky to trap dirt and protect the balls in the bearings. So a little more grease on the bearings will slow the spinning down a little.
  • Over tightening of the axles. We recommend you to hand tighten the axles. Do not overtighten as the frames might squeeze against the shields of the bearings.Ā 

This is not an issue that you should be too bothered about. Just use the skates and let the wheels wear slightly, and the grease to dry up a little. All the wheels will be spinning fine after the run in.

The handle strap broke when putting on the skates

Factors that could cause this problem:

  • Too much pulling force. The handle is usually attached to the liner by threads. Furthermore, the liners are fabric. So even the best of materials will tear under great force.Ā 

This can easily be prevented if you loosen the laces to allow more space for your foot to enter the skates. Unfortunately, this is not covered under warranty. So you can bring down to your nearest cobbler to get them attached again.

One side of the skates feels slanted

Factors that could cause this problem:

  • One side is carrying more weight. Most people tend to lean their weight towards oneĀ side.Ā 
  • The skates are not tightened properly. Space in the boot will cause the skates to be out of shape.

It is important to wear your skates tightly to maintain its shape. If the skates are not worn properly, prolong pressure on the sides of the skates will make it go wider at the sides. This will make it hard to stand straight on the skates again. Unfortunately, this is not covered under any type of warranty.

Folded Liner or Insole

Factors that could cause this problem:

  • Because most skates are put together by hand.Ā Sometimes, down the assembly line, one of the insoles or liners was accidentally folded when being put together.

If you are the unlucky one who receive a skate like this, we are happy to exchange it for you (provided if it's unused). However, this could be easily solved by unfolding it and wearing them as normal. Sure there might be creases and your foot might feel them just that tad bit. We assure you that it will flatten out and it will be back to normal in no time. This can help everybody involved save a lot of time.

Loose Wheel Hubs

Factors that could caused this problem:

  • Minute size difference in bearing size, spacers and wheel hub. A 0.01mm tolerance difference in any of these parts can cause the bearings to not fit 100% perfectly.

If you noticed this when the wheels are new, you can bring it back to us for an exchange. But this can easily be solved by sanding off the size of the spacer so the bearings can sit deeper into the core. Please note that this is not a defect or under warranty as this is within the acceptable tolerance band of the above parts.

Overtightening of Axles

Factors that could cause this problem

  • Using power tools to tighten the axles
  • Using excessive strength while tightening the axles

If you notice the axles go beyond the frame on the other side, you have overtightened the skates. While this may not have a direct impact on your skating, it might caused more vibration while skating. You may choose to use Loctite to secure the axles tighter to the frame. Unfortunately, this is not a manufacture defect and not covered under any type of warranty.

Wheels Touching Each Other

Factors that could cause this problem

  • Mounting big wheels on short precise frames
  • Using parts from different brands

Wheels will usually have a layer of wax that will wear off quickly after you use them. When facing this problem, just put on your skates and starting using them normally. By applying weight and force to skate, the wheels will move in one direction but slightly slower. Once the wheels wear off slightly, the skates will function normally. This is a common issue and not a defect in any way.

Markings and Scratches on Brand New Skates

Factors that could cause this problem

  • Skates moved inside the box during shipping process
  • Mishandling somewhere down the assembly line during the manufacture process

Scratches and marks will pass QC because it does not affect the function and performance of the skates. Most of the time, if you scrutinize, you will find scratches and marking on all brand new skates. Because the skates go through an assembly line and are put together by hand in large quantities, there will bound to be scratches on plastic surfaces. Anything harder than plastic like finger nails can easily cause marking and scratches. These markings can also happen during shipping and packing process. Unfortunately, this is not covered under any type of warranty because this will not affect the safety and performance of the product's intended use, and also scratches are bound to happen during its intended use.Ā 

Damaged Spring in Strap BuckleĀ 

Factors that caused this problem

  • Excessive Force Used Putting on the Skates
  • User falls on the Side and hit the buckle
  • Excessive Movement of the Cuff

Minute moving parts are easily broken when handled even when you are careful. Therefore this issue will not be covered under any form of warranty. Furthermore, the button and spring will not affect the function of the strap. Users can still continue to use the buckle to tighten the skate even with the spring and button gone.

Wheels don't touch the ground at the same time

Factors that caused this problem

  • The ground is uneven
  • Pressure is not applied evenly on every wheel
  • Microscopic difference in wheel size
  • Wheel mounting holes are slightly off alignment

SkateĀ parts like wheels and framesĀ are mass produced by machine so it is normal to have microscopic difference in every item out of the factory. Unfortunately, even the smallest microscopic difference in similar parts may cause an issue like this. The simple solution is to continue skating and let the wheels wear off naturally until all 4 wheels will hit the ground at the same time. As this does not affect the function of the skates and also within the manufacture tolerance to function, it is not covered under warranty.

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