Customise your Penny Skateboards at Inlinex today

So the Penny 22" grip tapes have arrived!

This pre-cut grip tape is ready for you if you want a little extra stability and a sturdier platform for throwing tricks. Or if you just want to create a pop of matching/contrasting color on your Penny board. It comes die cut to fit perfectly on your deck. Just rip it and stick it.


Even better, you can further customize it with just a pair of scissors (or a pen knife). The possibilities are endless! Now you can have a skateboard as unique as yourself.

Penny has provided a diamond grid on the reverse side, making it super easy to cut out some really rad patterns.

Here are some cool examples from the web:


And of course you don't have to use the grid ‚ÄĒ the¬†sky's the limit.¬†Let your imagination¬†flow and make your Penny truly one of a kind!

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