Zoom Air 2: Electric Scooter

The Zoom Air 2 is the second generation electric scooter from Zoom. It comes in two sleek colour schemes: full black or full white, with an emarald green logo emblazoned neatly on the rear wheel.

Light, compact, portable: At just 10.7KG, ZoomAir 2 is the lightest electric scooter in the world. Easily foldable in less than 3 seconds, ZoomAir 2 is extremely compact and portable. Bring it on the MRT or bus, store it in the back of your car trunk or trolley it through the lobby to your office. ZoomAir equals convenience.

Comfortable and agile design: Built with a high-quality aluminium alloy frame, Zoom Air 2 is sturdy and solid. Comes in adjustable heights and coupled with our shock absorbers and suspension, you can be assured of a smooth and happy ride with Zoom Air 2.

Powerful and fast drive: With its front wheel drive, ZoomAir 2.0 is really easy to control and maneuver for anyone.  Accelerate by pressing the throttle and you can enjoy the breeze. Not only is ZoomAir 2.0 quiet and efficient, it packs a punch too with a maximum speed of 26km/h. It’s powerful enough to tackle hills while maintaining a decent speed.

Long range lithium battery: Despite being lightweight, Zoom Air 2 can last up to 25 kilometres (a longer 32km range version is available too) on a single charge. Zoom's smart fast charger allows you to charge up your battery to 100% in less than 2 hours and comes with protective charging to protect your battery from overcharging.

Zero maintenance: ZoomAir is designed to bring you convenience and that means no fussy maintenance. It has done away with the clunky chains and gears of yesterday. Say goodbye to breakdowns and greasy oiling! It comes fully assembled out of the box too!

Regenerative braking: ZoomAir 2 comes with a front electromagnetic brake and rear manual+electric brake. Both brakes are equipped with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) commonly used in Formula One which helps to recover kinetic energy to recharge the battery.

LCD smart display: 
ZoomAir 2 comes with a LCD display (with backlight) that shows your battery status, current speed and distance travelled. The in-built electric horn and front LED light ensure that your ride is always a safe one.

So what are the improvements made in this latest version? Besides the larger battery capacity of 6.5Ah or the upgraded batt version of 8.5Ah, the Zoom Air 2 is able to obtain a maximum speed of about 25km/h and a range of 25km (30+km with the upgraded batt spec of 8.5Ah).

According to SGScooters.Com, these are some of the original problems that the Zoom Air 2 has overcome compared to its predecessor. The first version had stability issues due mainly to its lightweight structure. The Zoom Air 2 is structurally stronger and has a wider deck. The first version also had an annoying wobbliness when folded and the new version solves that by introducing a locking mechanism to the rear fender such that when folded, the whole scooter is rigid, allowing the rider to trolley the scooter on the back wheel, as most scooters are able to do.

Another fix from the first version is that there was a 3V LCD battery that tended to short and drain easily on the first version. When that happened, the entire board will stop working. In the Zoom Air 2, the LCD draws power from the main battery which solves the issue of having to constantly change batteries.

User Reviews

There are no reviews out yet for the Zoom Air 2, but you can check out this review of the first-generation Zoom Air, from e27's Terence Ng. e27 is the one stop tech resource platform for innovation-led businesses. Check out a blogger review too.

Technical Specifications

Battery 24V 6.5Ah (or 8.5Ah) LI-PO battery
Motor 250W 24V DC Brushless Motor
Optimal Single-Charge Range ‚Č• 25km (depends on conditions such as weight, wind, road surface)
Safe Weight Limit  100kg
Charging Time  <2 Hours
Max Speed Up to 26km/h
Weight 10.7kg
Material Aluminium Alloy
Size 940 x 150 x 1160 mm (Unfolded), 945 x 150 x 330 mm (Folded)
Wheels 200mm (8″) airless wheels, Front rubberised, Rear PU
Suspension Front and back spring suspension and shock absorbers
Braking Front electric regenerative brakes, rear mechanical + electric regen brakes
Smart Display Battery life, distance travelled, electric horn, LED light

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