Best Beginner 3 Wheel Skates

Best Beginner 3 Wheel Skates

Powerslide Zoom Pro 100

The Zoom Pro 100 is a great 3 wheel skates for beginners. Add in a HABS S/M Brakes and even a person who hasn't skate before can use this. Although the wheels are 100mm, it has a trinity mount which allows the wheels to be really close to the boot. Making it really low to the ground and stable. The frame is not too long since its a 3 wheeler making it easy to learn turning. 

The hard shell ensures your feet stay centered above the frame. Comes with top and mid buckle to keep your balance perfect as well. Most importantly, the price is really affordable too.

Powerslide Swell 3D Adapt 100 

The Swell 3D Adapt comes with 100mm grippy wheels to give beginners a more controlled rolling experience. Again the trinity mount allows the wheels to go deeper into the bottom of the boot to keep skaters lower to the ground. The swell boot is harder than most soft boots. This helps to guide the feet to find the center of the boot right above the frame. This model already comes with the brakes so you can easily install when learning to stop. The frame is also not long so it is easier to turn.


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