How does cycling improve our fitness?


To keep up being fit and healthy. An ongoing active lifestyle is needed, one of the ways is cycling.  Keeping up with regular physical activities can help reduce many serious illness such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and muscle deterioration etc. 

Cycling is a physical activity that can be catered to all members of the family. In fact, its also an affordable, fun and environmentally friendly. Riding out for meals or commuting to work( if its applicable) can be one of the ways to exercise with out causing too much disruption in your current lifestyle. Additionally, it helps to keep you fit and mentally active since exercising helps to decrease stress levels.

Benefits of cycling:

- lose weight

- Low impact (causes less strains than other rigorous exercises)

- Easy to learn (once you learn, you can do it on your own and timing)

- Increase joint mobility

- Reduce anxiety and depression ( cycling can help, from the enjoyment it can bring when cruising down a slope)

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