Are you really "saving cost" when you buy a pair of cheap inline-skate? One thing to note is that when you buy a cheap pair of skates, what you are cutting down is the skating experience. In all sports, one's deciding factor to continue is on their first experience. While you think you are "saving", there is actually more expenses that will incur in the long run. Having a pair of cheap skates means that more abrasions and blisters are likely to appear. This also means more unwanted pain and expenses when you have to be those bandages or a whole new skate altogether.

However that said, a good pair of skates does not mean getting a very expensive one. Sure getting a pair of good skates isn't really cheap. Contrary, a good pair of skate can enhance the skating experience,this means you'll learn to skate better and get more for your money. Since skating is a family sport, and most sports normally last more than two hours more session, comfort is definitely a number concern. 

Having a reliable pair of inline-skates means that your get good liners which provides that cushion in every turn and bump. Additionally, since they are all made from breathable materials, it allows your feet to breathe better eliminating those germs compared to a cheap skate. A good skate also provide that ankle support which could come in handy for beginners who are more prone to falling, this helps eliminate a injured ankle, much less a broken one. 

How much should a pair for good skates cost, kids skates ranges from $100 to $180 whereas adults ranges from $200-$300. Although it may seem costly at first, this pair of reliable skates will save a lot of cost. What makes skating fun is mostly dependent on the experience you get out of it. 



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