ZERO 2.0

Why buy the Zero 2.0? Here are a few reasons why:

    Since its success in October 2015, there are many replicas of the Zero. Therefore, the first generation platform is still in circulation and sold by retailers who got hold of the replicas. The improved platform, version 2.0 is only available to selected authorized retailers including Inlinex.


        The stability of the 2.0 is better than the 1.0. Since its launch, the 1.0 had several issues including complexity of repair. It was hard for technician to curb the wiring problem causing the 1.0 to completely cut power without warning. There was no shock protection for the ESC boards and batteries, therefore the vibrations caused by the rider will damage the scooter.

        The 2.0 now has a shock absorption inbuilt into the stamp. With a complete removal of wiring, parts are simply connected together, making it easy for repairs. 



            The best way to tell the difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is to look at the dashboard. The 2.0 control panel is fully integrated into one button. With a press of a button, everything is easily configured: change of speed, turning on the LED headlights, and switching the scooter on. Unlike the 1.0, every function was separate.


                1.0 had an out-dated folding mechanism making riders bend down to fold the scooter. 2.0 has an improved and stronger folding mechanism that allows the riders to use their feet to fold and unfold instead. 




                  Motor 24V 450W
                  Battery 5.2 ah / 10.4 ah
                  Weight 6.4 kg / 7 kg
                  Charge time 2 hrs / 3 hrs
                  Top Speed 25 km/h
                  Top Range 15 km /30 km
                  Braking System Microelectronic Control Brake and Rear Fender Brake
                  Loading Capacity 100 kg
                  Tires 5" Solid Rubber
                  Accessories LCD Display, Front and Rear Lights, Smartphone App


                  As retailers, our experience of selling the 2.0 has been better compared to 1.0. Since its launch almost 3 months ago, we have not had a single complaint on defects on 2.0. Unlike the 1.0, dissatisfied customers return repeatedly to fix and service their 1.0.

                  Despite all the improvements, costs have not been incurred in the price for the consumers. In fact, the 2.0 is selling at a comparable lower price than it's predecessor.

                  The scooter has a honest price point at $999 for the small battery(15km/ 5.2ah) and $1249(30km/ 10.4ah) for the big battery.

                  As compared to the launch of 1.0 retailing at $1499 for the small battery and $1649 for the big battery. This makes the 2.0 extremely worth buying. All scooters comes with one year warranty.

                  Test drive at our stores now or get it online.


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