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About Us


Back in the days, skating lessons were mostly held at East Coast Park. However, it is very inconvenient for many to travel all the way to the east. A few like-minded individuals got together and decided to bring skating lessons nearer to all.

In April 2008, Inlinex was created. With a minivan and limited amount of skates and protective gears, weekend lessons were conducted at an open space in Joo Seng. Little did they know, this small business dream of theirs has soon multiplied! Inlinex soon has to get a bigger van, more skates, more protective gears and more help. With such expansion, comes with great responsibility. To ensure quality teaching standards, Inlinex had to nit-pick skaters from all over Singapore and train them before they could be tested and be a certified instructor. Soon enough, Inlinex had to disperse into various areas, allowing every individual to be able to learn in a safe and enjoyable environment.

In approximately a year, Inlinex had taught more than 400 students.


2009 – 2010

In 2009, Inlinex was registered into Sports Education Program (SEP) by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and started conducting lessons in Schools. In order to keep abreast with the rules of SEP, all instructors had to attend National Coach Accreditation Program Theory by SSC. Passed with flying colours, Inlinex become an inline skating lesson vendor for various schools including ACS Barker, Victoria Secondary School, Teck Ghee Primary School, Hougang Secondary School, Bowen Secondary School, ITE College East, Northlight School, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Pasir Ris Primary School, Woodlands Ring Primary School, Yishun Secondary School and many more.

With such exposure, Inlinex was approached by many others. Companies, such as Ministry of Defence Science, Hewlett Packard and National Parks Board, and childcare centres, like ABC Children’s Place and Childcare Development Center, was soon engaging our services.



With such publicity, Inlinex soon decided to open their first flagship store along Circuit Road to cater to our ever-growing amount of students and their interest in getting a pair of inline skates. With our students’ interest in mind, Inlinex offered unbeatable savings on their skating equipment. Allowing students to enjoy this sport in their leisure time.

By the end of 2011, Inlinex brought their flagship store to a better location – The Riverwalk, a place where it is much accessible to many. An 800 square feet shop housed minimal amount of re-known brands, such as Rollerblade, Prowell and Adreno.

However, with outstanding service and product knowledge, Inlinex was well-received by many and had many supporters along the way.



Inlinex became the first company that offers indoor skating lessons, a 3000 square feet air-conditioned skating rink. Inlinex soon became Inlinex Private Limited in March 2014. With a refurbished online store, Inlinex now ships Worldwide to over 10 countries across Southeast Asia, Australia and more!

As a pledge to our customers, Inlinex will strive to bring more quality products at the most reasonable price. Not forget its original mission, to provide the utmost reasonable yet affordable skating lessons in the market. With outlets all over Singapore, our accessible locations brings enjoyment of skating closer to all, as we open our second indoor skating rink at Bukit Timah in mid 2016.

Inlinex sincerely thank those who have had supported and believed in us throughout the years. Be it taking lessons or purchasing products from us. Without you, Inlinex would not be where we are today. Our gratitude for your support is deeply appreciated. Inlinex will uphold our mission for the years and years to come.


“To provide inline skating lessons at the most affordable price“