Inlinex Affiliate Programme

We value all our customers

We value all our customers and would like to express our appreciation by letting you earn while you shop! To all loyal and new customers, simply post and join our affiliate programme to share your great shopping experience and celebrate your purchases! It's just 3 simple steps: Snap, Post and Earn!

Programme Details

Base commission:  3.00 %
Cookie length: 30 days
Commission type:
Percent of total Sale
Conversion action/ type: Online purchase with valid processed payment


For more details on how to sign up for our affiliate programme, follow our step by step guide.




Step 1

You will be required to fill up this form. To join our affiliate programme, simply fill in your particulars. Note: All fields with asterisks are compulsory.


Refer to FIG. 1A (website information)

Under the website field, you are required to fill in any corporate or personal website you intend to use for our affiliate programme. For individual participants, you may add in your social media website, blog or url.


Step 2

Click 'Sign up', after filling up the entire form.

Step 3

After signing up, you will be redirected to the referral code page.

Step 4

To incorporate ad into your chosen ad space: choose all or either to add link or banner/image

Step 4a

To add link in your chosen ad space, simply copy the link under 'Dashboard' tab and post it.

EXAMPLE of adding link on Facebook

FIG. 2A shows an example on how to add the affiliate link on Facebook.

Step 4b

To add banner/image in your chosen ad space, choose your desired banner under the categories. To copy the image link, html or download the image, click on the banner. A pop up box will appear. Once copied, incorporate the link/image/html into your ad space. Once an online purchase is made through the affiliated link you will start earning your commission.

To register for our affiliate programme, click here.

For more information or other inquiries, do contact us via our contact form or call us at 6858 2887.

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