Self Browsing Store

In order to keep our prices in store as low as our online store, we have adopted a self browsing model to function with low manpower . This will greatly reduce overheads so we can continue to beat the prices in the market.

Some of our staff may be part-timers, so they might not be experienced. Most of the product details can be found on our website. You may ask for our product specialist on duty if you have very technical questions. 

Not all items are on display, so please let our staff know if you are looking for a particular item. 

If our website states out of stock, our store will not have it as well. We share the same inventory system.

We experience high crowd volume on Weekdays from 5-8pm and Weekends from 12-6pm. If you feel you require more assistance, do visit us outside of the high crowd volume period. 

We seek your kind understanding if you feel our service standards fall short due to these implementations. We hope you will have a pleasant shopping experience at our store.

If you have any feedback in helping us to improve, please write to us at 

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