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How to choose the perfect skate

Start here and read the buyer's guide to choose the perfect skate for you!


If you are thinking about getting into the sport for the first time or even upgrading your current skates, below are some key things you need to know in order to select the perfect skate.

Comfort and performance are what defines a good skate fit. The ideal fit has your toes lightly touching the front of the boot while the rest of the boot feels like a semi-firm handshake around the foot. This snug fit will get a little looser as you break in your skates over time. Going too big or too small on your inline skates can create fit problems in the long run. A sloppy fit delivers poor performance and a skate that fits too tightly can cut off circulation.

How to measure your feet size (Skates)

While inline wheels have grown over the years, the thought process that “bigger is better” doesn’t always apply. Wheel size should be based on skater ability and skating style. New skaters who are getting comfortable on their inline skates will appreciate smaller (78mm) wheel configurations or Hi-Lo (84mm/80mm) setups. More experienced skaters that use skating for a workout tool will utilize a bigger wheel (84mm) that allows for higher speeds. Advanced skaters looking to maximize speed, gravitate towards larger wheels (90mm, 100mm, or 110mm/100mm Hi-Lo configurations). For advanced urban skaters requiring more freestyle performance, we recommend a wheel size of 80mm to blend speed with optimal maneuverability. Aggressive skaters who demand specialized performance for the ramp, park, or street require skates with smaller wheels; the K2 Unnatural comes with a 60mm wheel setup but can accommodate a maximum wheel size of 61mm.


There are two types of bearings found on inline skates; ABEC rated bearings have set the standard since day 1 and ILQ bearings are designed specifically for inline skates. ABEC bearings are rated at ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. A general rule of thumb for ABEC bearings is the higher the number, the tighter the tolerances, which leads to higher speeds and a smoother roll. ILQ bearings come in many configurations and are geared towards the high-end skater. ILQ bearings differ from ABEC in that ILQ bearings feature 6 balls instead of 5, which increases load rating.

Do you wear a seat belt when you drive? Do you use eye protection when you use power tools? Do you wear pads and a helmet when skating? You should’ve answered yes to all three. Smart skaters wear protection, (helmets and wrist guards at a minimum) to ensure that high abrasion areas are covered. The design of today’s pad sets create protective gear that is light, ventilated, and breathable, keeping you comfortable in a pad set that fits like a second skin. Remember, the right fit is key to any pad set and helmet. Make sure your gear has a snug fit and doesn’t shift while skating.

How to measure your head size (Helmet)


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Inlinex skating showcase 2015!

Inlinex was invited to a skating showcase at MyVillage for eZoo Music Festival recently! It was a night of great music, people and performances.

Our team of highly skilled instructors and avid skaters joined to put together a series of impressive performances. Armed with their skates and electrifying moves, they can't help but stop people in their tracks to take a video or two.



Besides the slick moves they made it seemed so easy, one highlight of the night was the skating jump made over two people who laid the ground for this thrilling act.


Our instructors has since gained more experience through this event and the show ended with a dazzled audience. We even received a couple of new sign ups for our skating lessons!

Visit our main store at The Riverwalk and our MyVillage and Tampines Mall outlets for the best deals and inline skating lessons. Follow us on our facebook page for the latest deals, events and promotion!

Inlinex Indoor 2015 Skate Camp! (Sep Holidays)

We've just wrapped up an energetic week of our ever-popular Indoor Skate Camp held during the September school holidays!


A five day inline skating course for beginners, covering all the essentials you'll need to find your skating feet.


Kids aged: 5 - 11 years old

The sessions last 1.5 hours each. Session slots are in the morning, afternoon and evening daily.

Where Our Riverwalk (Clarke Quay) indoor skating rink and retail space. It's fully air-conditioned, keeping everyone comfy and fresh during lessons, rain or shine.

Despite the hazy conditions, it didn't stop our young skaters from getting active at our fully air conditioned indoor skating rink! Unable to contain their excitement, the young skaters come into the store nice and early (those who registered for the earliest slot at 10:30am) to gear up and have a crash course in inline skating basics.

Meanwhile, parents of our young skate warriors huddled about to snap photos and watch the lessons. Parents are always welcome to stay, although it can get a little crowded. But no worries, over the next few days, the number of parents staying through the whole session dwindles.

First off, starting out from the line, one by one the children lined to wait for their turn to make their first move. Lead by our group of experienced, young and energetic coaches, each child is placed at the right level to accommodate the learning and pace of each individual.

In this crash course, our instructor-to-student ratio is kept low at about 1:5 to ensure there are always enough of our dedicated instructors to go around. Each student will receive adequate attention from our dedicated instructors and can progress their learning at a good pace.


Do note that all INLINEX lessons are Results Guaranteed (if not we will redo the course, on a weekend at the same location until he/she learns to move and stop, absolutely free)!

Without having the need to commit to a long-term skate package, kids will enjoy learning intensively in a group on how to move and stop on a pair of skates, it is a great way to stay active during the holidays.

Watch our video to see what sort of techniques one will learn!


For more information on our Skate Camp, follow our facebook page for updates! The upcoming one will be in November and the details are all finalized. Click here for Skate Camp (Nov 2015). Limited slots available and slots are filled according to a first come first served basis. So hurry and sign up now!

Inline Skate Wheels for freestyle, recreational, speed and fitness skating

Wheels are just as important as skates themselves when it comes to boosting performance.

We've brought in a variety of the best wheels out there: all made-in-USA and major brands like Rollerblade, Matter, and Hyper. These are some of our highlights: Rollerblade Hydrogen 80mm, Rollerblade Supreme, Rollerblade Hydrogen 100mmand Matter Inline Skate Wheels.

Bones® Bearings — An Introduction to the Legend

We're bringing in 5 of the classic Bones® bearings, at different price points but all Bones® quality: Swiss SkateSwiss CeramicsCeramics Super REDS®Super REDS®, and REDS®.

Bones® is a manufacturer & distributor of high performance and competition skateboard bearings since 1983. Bones® Bearings are the skate industry leader and favorite choice of professional skaters, and have been since their development in 1981.

Arc Gear — Affordable, great quality

Buy authentic Arc Gear. Check them out here in kids size and here in adults size. Made in various bright shades, the threading connecting the parts is highly durable and discreet, not compromising on looks. The cushions are well padded and impact absorbent, with a tough styrofoam interior. There is also additional gel in the wrist guard, giving extra shock absorbency for fragile wrists. The hard shell is sculpted to allow for flex upon impact, avoiding cracking and other damage. The colourful padding dries rapidly when moist, keeping it cleaner and fresher for longer.

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