Three wheel skates VS Four wheel skates

 The Three wheel Skate

The first three wheel skate is created for speed. With its wheel size 90mm and above, it gives you a long stretch with every glide. If you are into distance skating, we will suggest that you make this skate your option. 

However with advantages, there comes a disadvantage. After all, we can't be convinced of something without weighing two sides of a coin. Pricing is a high factor you need to be aware when considering a tri-wheel skate. Since larger wheels are definitely more costly and the learning curve to mastering a tri-wheel skate would be longer. 

  • Speed
  • Lightweight
  • Faster lift off
  • Shorter frame for better agility


  • More costly than a four wheel skate as larger wheels are more expensive. 
  • Harder to learn
  • Shorter frame makes it easier to fall backwards
  • Bigger wheels makes it higher to ground, so lesser stability



The Four Wheel Skate



The four wheel skate is the most common inline skate setup. There are many types of four-wheel skate depending whether you are into aggressive skating or recreational skating. Many people would purchase the four-wheel skate for its stability and its flexibility of having different skate setups. With 4 wheels, it also means the frame is longer and that increases stability. It's easier to learn and you can improve quickly overtime. 

Unlike the three-wheel skate, the four wheel do come with some potential disadvantage as well. The four wheel skate will be heavier and not as fast as the 3 wheel skate. Additionally, maintaining high speeds on the four wheel skate is not easy as you need more strength for each lift off. 


  • Good stability
  • Better weight disbursement on every wheel.
  • Excellent for aggressive skating
  • Good for freestyle and Slalom Skating


  • Not as fast as the tri-wheel skate
  • Cannot fit big wheels without compromising agility
  • Require more effort covering longer distance
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