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Modern Skateboarding was born in the backyard pools and homemade ramps of the 70's and skaters have always sought out the gnarliest places to practice their craft. Living up to its name, Pro-Tec has always existed to protect those who push the limits, supporting both top-level pros and beginners alike. Since the dawn of the skate revolution, now Pro-Tec pro Steve Caballero was photographed in the early 80's wearing a Pro-Tec helmet. Legendary photographers of the sport, Cassmus and Goodrich, have even earlier photos proving yet again Pro-Tec is the true original skate helmet.

Like the company itself, the Pro-Tec Skate Team is reflection of our legendary product. The brand finds depth with living legends Steve Caballero, Christian Hosoi, Lincoln Ueda, and Omar Hassan. X-Game and Dew tour champions Bucky Lasek and Pedro Barros add the excitement of speed and skill in competition, while Alex Perelson and Josh Borden represent the next crop of a new generation of skateboarding superstars.

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