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Looking to rent a skate or scooter for a day or two? Be it an electric scooter, a pair of inline skates, a kick scooter or even a set of safety equipment, Inlinex has it all. Come on down and be spoilt for choice !


Inline Skates and Safety Equipment

If you're looking for a decent pair of skates for a fun day out with friends, our inline skate rental is the choice for you. With premium brands such as Rollerblade, K2 and Powerslide available for rental, you can be assured that your rental would be worth it. Also remember, safety comes first ! Rent a set of gears and a helmet to ensure your safety when skating.

Electric Scooters

Eager to have the best tour of the city? Forget the conventional bus tours and tour guide groups, come on down and rent one of our electric scooters! Zoom around on our I-Cruize electric scooters for a more breath-taking experience of the city.

Kick Scooters

If speed is not your thing, kick scooters are also available for both kids and adults. Whether it's to scoot around with the family or even to host an event, our kick scooters are available for all sorts of purposes! 

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