Competitive Pricing

Price Match

At Inlinex, we do our best to bring the best value to our customers. However, from time to time, we may be selling more expensive than others. Please let us know and we will try our best to match them.

Price match only applies under these conditions

  • The company that we are matching our price with is based in Singapore
  • The company must not be a drop-shipping company
  • The item must be sold by a registered company
  • The company must display prices for actual and ready to buy inventory
  • There must be proof that the company is clearly selling the product with an advertised price. 
  • We do not accept verbal price quoted by a shop
  • The product must have the same specifications and warranty type
  • The price must be listed and valid at the time of match
  • Inlinex reserves the right to reject any price match request that is deemed not applicable.

How we keep our prices competitive and honest?

  • We will constantly look into online shops worldwide and do our best to match their listed price even before shipping and taxes
  • We do our own in house marketing. Therefore, we do not need to mark up our prices to factor in charges by third party marketing firms.
  • We own our own property so we do not need to pay rent. Hence, our prices go lower.
  • We ship worldwide so that we can order larger quantity to bring our prices low.
  • We have our own shipping brokerage so we can ship internationally at a better price.
  • We work directly with brand principals so we do not need to pay middlemen. So all savings go to our customers.

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