Shipping Insurance

  • For Insurance claims, please deal directly with the Carrier
  • To be reimbursed, you must provide proof of loss or damage of goods.
  • To be reimbursed, you must provide proof that the carrier is at fault.
  • If you declare a value for items that are prohibited (e.g., firearms, cash or currency, tobacco products) and they are lost or damaged, you will not be reimbursed.
  • No matter the amount you declare, our liability won’t exceed your shipment’s repair cost, its depreciated value, or its replacement cost—whichever is less.
  • Any effort to declare a value more than the maximums allowed in the FedEx Service Guide is null and void. Our acceptance for carriage of any shipment with a declared value in excess of the allowed maximums doesn’t waive any provision in the service guide.
  • No reimbursements are made for the misdelivery of information.

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