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Quad Lock Out Front Mount V2

Quad Lock Out Front Mount V2

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    Both mounts come with our patented dual-stage lock, which allows you to ride with confidence knowing that your smartphone will stay secure on your bike, no matter the terrain.


    Simply twist and lock to view apps as you ride such as Strava®, MapMyRide or Apple® maps. Detach just as easily so you don’t miss a photo opportunity or important call. Remember, it’s all in the technique, not the force.


    Both mounts are designed for aerodynamics. The Out Front Mount PRO features a lower profile and super rigid anodised aluminium mounting arm. The standard Out Front Mount can be reversed to go over the stem of your bike's handlebars.

  • Heads up position provides better viewing angle

    Aerodynamic low profile design

    Secure dual stage lock (Patent Pending)

    Can be rotated for over stem mounting

    Suits handlebar sizes 31.8mm and 25.4mm

    Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases

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