FR 300 Frame
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FR 300 Frame

FR 300 Frame

The new FR 300 3x100mm Inline Skate Frames are best for skaters who wants to change their 4 wheel set up to 3 wheel set up. The quality and finishing of the frames make it a wholesome inline skating experience for speed and urban lovers

These frames will fit all kinds of skate boots that have 150mm, 165mm and 180mm mount. The icing on the cake, it is only 232mm long. Making it one of the shortest 3x100 frame in the market.

With such short frame and large wheels, you get outstanding maneuverability without compromising speed.

Price is for a Pair of Frames

Type: Fitness, Urban

Max Wheel Size: 100mm

Mount: 2pt 150mm, 165mm, 180mm

Parts Included:

Skate Tool

Single Sided 8mm Axles (6)

Floating Spacers (6)

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