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Kizer Element 80 UFS Frame

Kizer Element 80 UFS Frame

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If you’re looking for a lightweight, fast, and stable urban inline skating frame, look no further than the Element 80 Black from KIZER. Constructed of extruded aluminum and CNC machined to perfection, the Element 80 Black frame is strong, durable, and responsive while delivering smooth power transfer in every stride. Whether you’re exploring the city, landing gaps, negotiating cones, or grinding ledges, when it comes to urban inline skating speed and control are everything. To further improve control the Element 80 Black frame has a gentle 1mm rocker to enhance agility while still delivering excellent responsiveness. The KIZER Element 80 Black incorporates the famous UFS mounting system, giving you plenty of options to change from aggressive and urban boots, so you can easily change between different frame types and skating styles. The frame even comes complete with single steel axles, making it easy to rotate and change your wheels. A versatile, fast, and responsive urban inline skating frame - it’s the Element 80 Black from KIZER.

Price is for a Pair of Frames

Mount: UFS

Full metal alumium frame, incl. 1mm natural rocker

AL 6061 aircraft

4x80mm, 4x76mm setup

M=246mm / 9.7" - L=267mm / 10.5"

single axle, steel, 8mm, hex 4mm

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