Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm Wheels – Inlinex

Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm Wheels

The Rollerblade Hydrogen Inline Skate Wheels are designed in the USA to be the quickest and best wheels made. Created with the best proven materials and method, the Hydrogen wheels are undoubtedly one of the best inline skating wheels in the market. It is a chemical mix of urethane formula, scooped cores, and integrated hubs and the optimal resilience, roll and rebound can be felt as soon as you put them on. The urethane has more traction, durability and shock absorbent qualities, while the core is carefully engineered to add suspension for more speed and control in every stride.

  • Size / Durometer: 125mm / 85A
  • Hub: 608
  • 6 per pack
  • Engineered and Made in USA
  • Hub Integrated, Scooped Core

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