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Undercover Mery Munoz Movie 60mm Wheels

Undercover Mery Munoz Movie 60mm Wheels

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Introducing the new UC Pro - Movie Line wheels from UNDERCOVER, the perfect choice for aggressive skaters. Inspired by pro skater Mery Munoz and the iconic film Kill Bill, these 60mm wheels have a 90A hardness rating, providing grip and control for the most demanding tricks and stunts. With the UC Pro - Movie Line wheels, you'll be able to take your skating to the next level and dominate the streets. Don't just take our word for it, try them out for yourself and see why they are considered the best aggressive wheel in the world.

Price is for Pack of 4

Size: 60mm 

Type: Aggressive; Street

Core: Aluminium ; Standard 608 Hub

Hardness: 90A

Made in USA

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