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Undercover Raw 125mm White Wheels

Undercover Raw 125mm White Wheels

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Undercover (UC Undercover) is the leading urban, freestyle, and aggressive aftermarket wheel brand. Whether you are grinding, sliding, jumping, or just cruising, UC Undercover has you covered with the RAW RED series. Produced with solid Ultra High Rebound (UHR) polyurethane these wheels guarantee you an amazing roll without compromising on the grip in tight corners. This wheel comes in 125mm with 85A hardness.

Price is for a set of 6 wheels

New and very fast Ultra High Rebound (UHR) wheel

The wheel provides great grip on push and in corners

Made in USA, best polyurethane (PU) quality

Strong and stable polycarbonate (PC) Core

125mm 85A

Bullet Profile

UHR= Ultra High Rebound - Made in USA

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