USD Carbon Team Boot Only

USD Carbon Team Boot Only

  • $ 659.00 SGD
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    USD Carbon Team Boots (2018) are for those that have trouble keeping all wheels on the ground. Aerial tricks are easier with light carbon booots. New v-cut cuffs and lower carbon design improves support and flexibility. This helps to jump and stick landings, but it also puts less stress on the inside lining, allowing for a longer life and better feel.

    A re-designed shape has the carbon lower on the boot, allowing more flex zones, but with plenty of support. The additional forward flex is the big bonus over previous carbon models, opening up the ability to jump and land better. Neoprene and Microfiber interior lining is over dense, comfortable padding and helps as you slide them on.A tricked out one-piece tongue has flex cuts as it moves down through the boot, preventing it from bunching up or wrinkling.

  • Construction

    2018 USD Carbon Shell

    35% Less Volume Than Standard Hard Boot

    25% Less Weight Thank Standard Hard Boot

    Rear V-Cut Cuff

    One-Piece Composite Boot and Liner Design

    Customizable Cuff, Buckle, Hinge, Laces and Soulplates

    USD Carbon Cut, Fit, Last, and Padding - Not Made of Carbon

    Genuine Leather uppers

    Sneaker Fit and Appearance


    Powerslide Slimfit Footbeds

    Neoprene and Microfiber Lining

    One-Piece Tongue with Flex Cuts

    Grind Parts

    Carbon Soulplate

    Compatible with new USD VII Soulplate

    Thin, Light, High Performance Design


    Aluminum Cuff Buckle

    Velcro Powerstrap

    Standard Lace


    1.109 kg

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