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It all started in 1997 in the skateboarding mecca of Southern California. Since then, the Yocaher team has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as a professional and experienced skateboard manufacturer.

The boards, trucks, wheels and accessories are designed in-house in the USA. Unlike some others, they don’t waste time on anything else. At Yocaher, they focus only on the skateboard and longboard industry. New dynamic Yocaher shapes and graphics are coming out all the time. With designs being released every quarter year, they don’t have time to sit on their boards.

Yocaher prides themselves on offering a high quality product at an affordable price, all built professionally to order in the USA. They also proudly give back, sponsoring various events in the skateboard community and in schools.

Choose your next ride from our huge assortment of complete Yocaher skateboards and longboards, which will arrive on your doorstep quickly, professionally assembled and fully ready to ride. Whether you’re looking for your first skateboard or just your next one – or a longboard for cruising, downhill or freeride – Yocaher is here for you.

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